DIGITAL ZANDOLI MIXTAPE volume 2 by Digger's Digest & Dr. Nico Skliris


PRE ORDER After the release of DIGITAL ZANDOLI our critically acclaimed new compilation/project in collaboration with Heavenly Sweetness, we are really proud to announce the release of the 2nd volume of  DIGITAL ZANDOLI THE MIXTAPE by Digger's Digest & Dr. Nico Skliris. Another 85 minutes of boogie-zouk, carribean funk, tropical synth music. As on the first volume SIDE A is available for free streaming on our soundcloud. B side and full tracklist will be only available on this tape (Means you have to spend a few €, dig out your vintage Walkman or Ghetto Blaster to enjoy the B side). Tapes collectors be quick Limited to 75 copies.

Artwork by Nico Motte from Check Morris, masterized by Baptiste Pataut @Vrai Son.

Digital Zandoli Volume 2 Side A

For low unregistered shipping rates to France, please use this code when ordering : DD_02_FR

For low unregistered shipping rates for the Rest of the world, please use this code when ordering : DD_02_WW

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