Cipriano ‎- El Costumbre (Pentagrama - 1989)


Obscure album by Mexican composer Arturo Cipriano with really nice going from funky latin, through progressive mexican folk, to jazz fusion. Very interesting versatile album with superb vocal and great flute/clarinet/sax by Cipriano. Don't miss out the Brazilian bossa tinged "Ruta Tangamanga-Tlatelulco" . But the whole album is great with the deep "Bereléle" an experimental groovy jazz track or "Mi cuate" a great spiritual folk tune with superb percussions works and flutr reminding me of Hermeto Pascoal . Check the whole album. According to Cipriano, it was pressed at 500 copies selling the copy at concert only.

Copy was sealed record looks EX (light storage warp) sleeve is still in shrink with crease due to sealing.