François Monfleur ‎- Le Disque (Private - 1986)


Seldom seen pretty unknown French outsider electronic lp privately released in 1986 by french keyboardist/music teacher François Monfleur., who played a large range of instruments on this album : Yamaha DX 7, Elka "Rhapsodie", Electone Yamaha ME 50 Electric Organ, Roland TR 505, Melos Tape Echo Chamber. Includes the deep electronic dub "Nuages" plus several weirdo outsider electronic tracks like "Noellite" a dreamy theme really sounding like a Nino Nardini track, "L'Apprenti" is a dark proto hip-hop drama track reminding me a lot The Flash Resonance series on Charles Talar Library. Super dark cold synth layer over massive downtemp beats on "Le Receuil". Very interesting record in great condition. Record is unplayed, cover is strong is NM. Check the audio.

Record and Sleeve in NM / NM condition