Françoise Barrière / Christian Clozier – Ritratto Di Giovane / Symphonie Pour Un Enfant Seul


This privately issued 3LP boxed set from the husband & wife team of Françoise Barrière & Christian Clozier, is one of the true Musique Concrète Holy Grails.
It consists of one extended piece by each; Barrière's "Ritratto di Giovane" & Clozier's "Symphonie Pour Un Enfant Seul."
Barrière's six-part from Ritratto Di Giovane ("Le Vieux Clown, "Et Le Jour", "Et La Nuit", "La Leçon De Musique", "Samba Compiégnoise", "A La Jeunesse") fills up the first LP with the howls and squeals of the titular infant dotting the rather noisy exchange of field recordings, high-end synthesizer blat, and discordant prepared piano scrape, all lending to a transfixing whole.
Similarly, Clozier"s "Symphonie for a Child Alone" stretches out over four side-length suites - "Adagio Adage", "Andante Infernal", "Menuet Tudor" & "Final Extrémiste" - with the sounds of machine-gun strafe, plundered televised political speech, and rising electronic squawk, moving about in an unhurried pace so rare in this world of concise, micro-edits.
Extremely hard to find album, to rank alongside Jacques Lejeune's "Fantasmes Ou L'Histoire De Blanche-Neige" & the Jean Schwarz / Jacques Lejeune / Phillip Beetz "Des Musiques Des Sons" set.

The x3 records are Mint, looks immaculate, unplayed. The Box is in excellent condition, close to perfect. Including the leaflet insert.