Ghjuvan Petru Graziani, Rinatu Coti ‎- Corsica Ribella (Edizione Corsica, 1983)


Second album by Ghjuvan Petru Graziani aka Jean-Pierre Graziani, a politically committed writer/artist, who also founded the famous label Vendémiaire (Cossi Anatz, François Tusques Intercommunal Free Music, Byard Lancaster, ). This album is a gathering of texts written by Corsican poet Rinatu Coti, with Graziani spoken word over the cosmic mellow ambient music of Patrick Beaurain. Some long instrumental parts with piano/synth jamming. Did I say it's rare ? Check the long audio.

Favorite tracks "Cismonte e Pumonti" & "Umana È Ribella"

Record is NM / Sleeve is NM