Gwakasonné - Gwakasonné ( LM Production - 1984)

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The first and most wanted album by legendary band from Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe. Indisputably one of the band who makes the traditional Gwo Ka evolving into a global world. Fusion of traditional percussions of Guadeloupe (Boula, Gwo Ka, Maké) with modern elements like synth, electric guitar, flute, trumpet with beautiful themes driven by band leader and visionary musician Robert Oumaou, this is really an incredible piece of music with themes like the spiritual Algérie 62 or the proto hip-hop W3 (Woy Woy Woy) or the progressive Antilles Et Mavounzy with balafon. Pita & Siklon perfect examples of Gwo Ka Modèn (Modern Gwo Ka). The whole album is splendid and has been seriously underrated for years ! I'm glad to offer this very clean copy coming from a member of the band.

Both Record and sleeve are in EX shape. Sleeve is super clean with only light wear on back and an almost invisible drill hole. Extremely rare nowadays !