Lafayette Afro-Rock Band – Soul Makossa ( Musidisc – 30 CV 1269 - France - 1974)

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Originally named the Bobby Boyd Congress; this funk band formed in Long Island, New York, relocated to France in 1971. When frontman Bobby Boyd returned stateside the remaining members renamed themselves Ice and became the house session band at producer Pierre Jaubert's Parisound studio. Regularly performing live in Paris' Barbès district - an area made up primarily of African immigrants - the driving funk of Ice became increasingly influenced by African rhythms and textures, and in the wake of their 1973 debut LP Ice - Each Man Makes His Destiny, Jaubert changed the group's name to the Lafayette Afro Rock Band. Their debut recording under this new name Soul Makossa, made a powerful impact with a dynamic rendition of Dibango's classic, coupled with the intense break of "Hihache" and the contagious "Nicky".
This Musidisc pressing is considered as the original press as it was initially released in France and later in the U.S. via Editions Makossa.

Record is EX plays great / Sleeve is EX (minor wear on back, clean spines)