Laurent Thibault - Mais On Ne Peut Pas Rêver Tout Le Temps (Ballon Noir - 1978)


Fantastic pyschdelic rock album by french guitarist/composer/producer Laurent Thibault, who played with Magma and recorded so many french classic (Laurence Vanay, Alan Kan, Ergo Sum, Alain Markusfeld, Higelin ...) His unique solo album is just brilliant. With tracks like "Aquadingen" is cleary reminding the zheul music of Magma with insane filtered improvised vocals ! "La Caravane De L'Oubli" makes me think to Can's Tago Mago. This is one of the few french underground rock I kept in my collection !

Record is NM / Sleeve is strong EX (perfect edge weear, just a barely visible ringwear on back)