Les Abranis – Amekhssa Dh'Yizem (Numidie Music – NM 80728 - France - 1981)


Very rare album released only in France by cult Kabyle-Algerian chaabi rock band. Considered as the pioneers of algerian pop music, this 3rd album is mainly look after for the killer synth driven instrumental "Thilelli". A really mesmerising electronic oriental melody with the early ryhthms drum machine sound make this track pretty unique. The rest of the album worth the price with Kabyil Disco tune like "Therrza Rathwenza" or simply great folk song like "Amekhssa Dh'Yizem". Pretty much essential album if you collect music from Algeria.

Record is strong VG++ (vinyl looks glossy and shiny with a few hairlines, plays great) / Sleeve is strong VG++ (no split, no ring wear, just a ultra small tear on back sleeve mouth)