Marten Ingle ‎– Keep Love (In Your Eyes) / Crazy Eyes (Fish Ranch Records - us - 1977)


Pretty much overlooked self produced Soft Rock, AOR 7" by American-French singer, songwriter, composer, bassist, keyboardist, engineer and producer. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area where he started his first band in 1967 while attending high school, then later based in Paris, France since the 1980s. This obscure 45 single includes on flip the beautiful dreamy soft rock "Crazy Eyes" really heady tune with classy arrangement, while "Keep Love" is really pleasant Sunshine Pop tune clearly inspired by the Bee-Gees. No surprise to see this private 7" was handled by mastereing legend, Bernie Grundman (Founder and owner of Bernie Grundman Mastering, which started in Hollywood, California 1984. Formerly Chief Mastering Engineer at A&M Studios, 1968 to 1984 ).

Perfect copy.