Max Rambhojan - Show Man Présente Max Rambhojan (Rythmo-Disc - 1980)


This confidential record by this singer from the West Indies, partially recorded in Guadeloupe and in Paris, is another must have if you after funky zouk and tropical dancefloor oriented grooves ! Includes the funky zouk sure shot, Tou' jou pa mim'm, in the same vein as the Kassav & Decimus production, with catchy rhythms, funky horns section and great vocal chorus. Features Ramon Pyrmé on synth and Olivier Vamur on Flute on Cecilia a great Gwo Ka modern jazzy tune with percussion, bass and superb flute solo reminding me Sadi Lancreot. Really hard to find since it has been hyped by Digital Zandoli and Antal !

Record is NM. Cover is VG++ due to light peeling on back.