The Braen's Machine - Temi Ritmici E Dinamici (Liuto Records - 1973)

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Cult session by The Braen's Machine, this iconic Italian band formed by the maestro Alessandro Alessandroni and Oronzo De Filippi. This ultra rare "Temi Ritmici E Dinamici" released in 1973 on Luito and recorded at the legendary Sound Work Shop studio in Rome, is mainly look after for the etheral organ jazz funk "Dinamica", really in the vein of their 1st album Underground. "Rinuncia" is a superb dark drama jazz theme with amazing synth solo while "Passegiata" is a great psychedelic soul-pop. Extremely rare and super look afterby serious italian library connoisseurs.

Record is EX, cover is EX, in great shape but the (removable) Montparnasse 2000 distribution stickers.