Ti Celeste ‎- La Beauté Du Folklore - Chien La Japper (Disques Debs ‎- 1976)


Ti Celeste is one of the keeper of the ancestral music from Guadeloupe. This first Lp released on Debs by one of the most famous gwo ka singer/musician includes nothing but superb tracks like the famous "Popilation Basse Terrienne Au Abois" that will makes your whole body moving even though if you don't want to dance ! Also includes "Moin Envie Danser On Belle Biguine" that mixes gwo ka and jazz biguine with the sharp sax of Gérard Nerplat. The whole album is great with titles like "Chien La Jappe" or "Mi Bel Bitin à Paris".

Record looks NM. Sleeve is VG++ (Top condition but has a very small seam split)