Mushapata Avec Saba Fithing - Les Guerriers De L'Apocalypse De L'An 2000 ... (Private - 1985)


Still overlooked album by former boxer Mushapata & Saba Fighting. This "Les Guerriers De L'Apocalypse De L'An 2000 Dans Babylone Système" privately released by Mushapata is filled with killer africain reggae features amazing roots dubby tracks like "Briba Baba", "Mudogo Wangu", "Ma People Cry", but the surprise is the closing song "Mua Na-goyéyé" an incredible afro-beat tune with totally crazy solos and weirdo arrangement, clearly inspired by Fela that evolves into a psychedelic funk cut with Mushapata getting wild on vocals ! Record looks EX, plays great with a few light barely audible background noises (actual audio) cover is EX (very small crease).
Hard to find in good shape.